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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Colors - DailyBuzz Mom 9x9

I'm getting better, two day in a row.  Though I just realized I'm a day behind.  Good job Joy.

The theme for today is colors kids!  

The Daughter is started to learn her colors but I found that she would guess all the time.  I wanted to try a little experiment on her to see if she would get it a little better.  I decided to use food as a way to teach her the different colors.

We first visited a local grocery store (Whole Foods) to show her how each type of food has a color.  We went to the produce and grain area then I asked her to point out the food with a particular color.  One of our stops was at a make-your-own granola buffet.  The colors ranged from browns to green.  When I quizzed her, she was able to pick out about 50 percent of the colors.

The crazy girl trying to attach my camera

Then I tried to make stuff different dishes where there was a dominant color.  She got a little better at recognizing the colors.

Paula Deens Butter Cake with Pumpkin - I will post my take on it

A shrimp salad  to represent pink

Soup Dumpling for white - I promise to pose the recipe

Fried chicken and waffles for brown - at least my take on the disk

Mussels paella for Black (this is my cheater recipe)

Baked egg omelet for Yellow

Finally, I used fruit to really quiz her on her colors.  With each color she picked right, she was able to eat the fruit.  She guessed red first since strawberries is one of her favorite fruits.

By this point, she was able to pick the correlating fruit to the color.  I think I may try this with The Son when he is older.  Now I just have to work on numbers and letters.  She only knows the number 6 and the letter X.  I don't know why, strange child.
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  1. what a creative and FUN way to work on colors with your daughter. I'm always so impressed when parents get creative like this! love it! thanks for sharing what you did!

  2. Incorporation of cooking and grocery shopping is such a great way to teach little ones while doing what we need to do as moms. Love the colors and I'm sure she loved the fun and learning. I love all the food you featured up there. And we live in a city where we have to drive 3 hours to the nearest Whole Foods (but still do it) so I'm jealous of your shopping trip. You didn't drive 3 hours, did you? :) ha! Nice post- Congrats on the 9x9...