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Friday, April 23, 2010

Add to my recipe book 4-23-2010

One of my many sites I visit frequently when I should be working is Foodbuzz.  One of the foodies that I was able to make friends with is Mowielicious.  On the 12Th, yes I'm behind on my reading on Foodbuzz, he made Baked Apple Pancakes.  Baked German Pancake has always be one of my favorite breakfast and this is a great twist to an baked pancake. 
Seafood is probably one of my favorite, especially lobster.  When The Best Friend (Boy) was stationed in Washington for the Navy, myself and The Other Best Friend (Girl) went to visit him.  She introduced me to mussels and oysters.  I completely feel in-love with both.  I can't eat either raw but I'm totally into them cook in any manner.  Basog! Sarap! made a baked mussel (Baked Tahong) dish.  As soon as I could get someone over to eat some (The Husband doesn't eat seafood and The Daughter is allergic), I'm totally making some.
The other day, I can do that made a petit fours type cake with marzipan and jelly.  The little treat is called Punschtorte Bites.  You are able to shape them.  They are adorable for parties.  Even a little girl party.
Just picture this, chocolate and bacon.  I know there is a candy bar with these ingredients but Sugarlace actually made that combo into a cupcake form.  Come on here, you can't go wrong with combo :D.  The Husband was just talking about bacon and chocolate so I will probably whip him a batch.

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