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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cake Decorating

So myself and one of The Best Friends decided to take a cake decorating class.  We had problems finding classes, either it was not offered or we just missed the start of the class.  Sometimes we are not the brightest crayon :D.  After much hunting for classes in the Chicago-land area, we found one at the Give Me Some Sugar website.  They offer classes and private lessons.  We were able to sign up for the first cake decorating class at Tipsy Cake.  We did drive all the way to Chicago to take a class.  Did I ever tell you, I actually live in the corn?  To get to my house, there are corn fields but I did live in Chicago for a couple of years.  Anytime I get a chance to go out there, I try to.  Mainly I miss the different type of food out there.  Around my house is chains everywhere.  Anyway, I kinda expected a Wilton type class.  It was refreshing it wasn't like that.  The Mother took a Wilton cake decorating Boot Camp but I wanted one that was not as product driven.  The first time the teacher stated, you do not need all 75 type of tips.  You just need one.  After that I was hooked.  I wanted to take a formal class because
  1. I think I'm creative but at the same time, I'm not a drawer or painter.  I don't have a stead hand.
  2. I can't seem to get things level.  I'm working on that but it still comes out funny looking.
  3. The pipping bag intimidates me. 
  4. My hand writing is horrible, I write like a doctor.
We were a little late, we like to call it Filipino Time.  We got there just in time to put the crumb coat.  BTW we were the only Asian girls there. 
* I had to use The Best Friends cake for Picture and the other one is mine.
Next was Rosettes.  Mine kinda looks like little meringues and I used a star tip.
* Like how mine is so not consistent?  I couldn't get the frosting off the tip when I finished each one.
Next was Shells and Reverse Shells.  I was able to get the reverse shells fine but the regular shells kept tipping over.  It was pretty entertaining. 
The first two was the reverse shell, the next 4 was the regular shells, and than the reverse shells again. 
Don't you love how mine shells start to tip over.  The reverse shells look more like waves to me.  We also did the pearl dots and lines.  The bigger I got, the worse I did.  The Best Friend was the same way.  She was a bit OCD about, which was pretty entertaining.  We tried to do writing too, I'm going to have to rely on The Best friend for any writing I may have to do.  I pretty much suck at it.  After we practice pipping, we got a chance to decorate the cakes.  They were in the fridge for an 1/2 an hour for the crumb coat to harden.  Both of us had a creative block.  We didn't know what we were going to make.  So both of us went with our favorite color: blue and orange.
* We did make our own colored butter cream.  The Best Friends was a bit on a bright side so she mixed a bunch of different colors to tone it down.
Getting everything smooth was difficult.  We will get it right.
Here is The Best Friends Cake:  I was teasing her that the leaves looks like pea pods.  You could see, we got lazy with getting different color frosting.


  1. Your cakes turned out great! I have never done one of those classes, but have always wanted to!

  2. Thanks! I can't seem to get the frosting really smooth.

  3. Good luck with your classes! Have fun and just enjoy it!