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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Misadventure #1 - Homemade bagels

Misadventure #1 - Homemade bagels
You would not think making bagels would be hard, nope it is hard.  Maybe to me it was quite difficult.  The recipe looked easy enough.  I adapted it from Baking Bites.  Hers looked so nice but it didn't come put so nice for me.  I probably have to actually follow the recipe.  That might actually work.  The first try was making a cinnamon bagel.  Ok I was too lazy to drive to panera for their cinnamon crunch bagel.  So I tried it...failed
 Looks like it is going to turn out ok right?
Still looking good 
 WAIT!  Why are they hard?  Maybe once they are baked, they will soften

Shoot they are still hard
At least the cream cheese is good :D

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