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Friday, July 13, 2012

Rambling day - No Food Friday

It is Friday!  Yeah for Friday...well kinda. 

Instead of my to-do list getting shortter, it got long and longer.  I even started to do some personal projects of my own.

 This is what have been going on:
  1. If you have not noticed, the look has been changing slowly.  I am hoping to do a redesign.  I feel i'the blog is long over due for one.
  2. Trying to set a schedule so I actually get stuff done like cleaning, actually exercising (kinda), meal planning (yeah right), and spending more time with the kids.
  3. Organize the post I want to do each week.  I have quite a few pending post that I just need to edit and write about them.  I found this freebie to stay organized.
What I actually "started"
  1. This is a little pre-mature since I just started this task but I am trying to force The Daughter to do "homework" everyday.  Homework is really myself and her going through her numbers and letters.  I should have started a while ago but I did not have enough patience for it.  Now since she kinda knows both sets, it makes it much easier to enforce the learning and expand on it like visual recognition.  I strongly suggest to mix up the order of the letters/numbers so they know each one independently instead of just the order it goes in.
  2. I also started a challenge called 52 weeks to an organized home.  I'm already a week behind from when I signed up and you could start anytime.  I was able to complete the first challenge - clearing counter and sink space in the kitchen.  This week is my kitchen cabinets and I'm trying to combine it with the pantry challenge since most of my cabinets is my pantry.
  3. I even set a schedule for myself for posting.  I stick to it about 1/3 of the time but slowly trying to keep up. 
Hopefully, next week I will have more updates :D.


  1. My to-do-list is getting longer and longer too. Great idea to make a plan.