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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Help, I need to be Entertained and a GIVEAWAY

I don’t really like talking about my life outside of my home or even kitchen but unfortunately my professional life has been taking over every aspect of my life. Once I get home and I’m way to tired to get anything done. Why do you need a full-time job. I wish we could go back to bartering.

I normally get the crazy looks from my friends and family at this point.

A little background:
I’m was and kinda still in Information Technology. I have probably one of the most boring jobs. I look at data (sheets of information) all day. I’m a geek through and through.

Due to my “chosen” career, I had to find something creative in my life. It took a few trials and experiments to finally find a way to express my creativity (I kept telling myself I was an artist in college, LIES). Having a job where I am essentially a data monkey (this is what like to call myself), I found cooking/baking allowed do as I like without boundaries. This is probably why I tend to have a failure here and there.

For the next month at least, I’m “stuck” in the middle of a system upgrade (could it get any more boring?). I hope that I could share with you all of the different food experiments I have been making at home. I just have to sneak an hour here and there to actually write a post. Shhhh - don’t tell me boss. In hopes to keep me sane, I have a favor to ask of you and I have a little prize in return:

I’m sure some of you may be aware that valentines is coming up. If you ask The Husband, he will play dumb. I have 4 chocolate molds, melting chocolates, and lollipop sticks from my favorite chocolate place: . Morkes

This is what I ask of you: Tell me what your favorite misadventures in the kitchen or even in life.

For example: I have the most horrible way of forgetting about what I am cooking so when I tried to make dulce de leche. I thought The Husband turned off the stove and he thought I did. The can exploded all over my kitchen and The poor Husband was doing his homework when it happened. He said he sounded like an explosion. He is amazed I didn’t wake up from it. It was everywhere! I’m sure you are giggling right now. The Daughter was and told me I was in trouble.

A winner will be picked via Creativity does count and you will get extra entries if you have successfully got me to cry from laughter. Anna will confirm that it is fairly easy to achieve since I laugh at everything.

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Leave a comment for each follow.

Entries will be accepted until Monday February 6th. I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday. I want to make sure you have enough time before Valentines Day!

Please excuse the pictures, I actually just took these this morning as I was getting the kids ready. I can’t wait until the sun is out longer.

I had to include some pink chocolate

Milk chocolate, no need to temper - just melt and use

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  1. This actually happened to my husband not me -- I was sleeping thank goodness! He heated hot chocolate in the microwave and then put it in this Tupperware shaker we have to shake it up. After he put the lid on, it literally exploded upwards like a volcano, spraying hot cocoa all over the place, included part of the ceiling, walls, lamp (we have a small apt.!) He said he kind of stared at it all in shock for a minute before he could take action of any kind. If i had been awake, I would have helped him, so selfishly, I was relieved I wasn't in the vicinity and conscious at the time!

  2. Hahaha know how you feel. Unfortunately, im just so accident prone. Anything bad always happens to me.

  3. I had a beautiful Le Crueset heart shaped baking dish... I didn't realize that dish wasn't made for the stove top. I tried to sear a small roast before putting it in the oven...That sucker exploded... Lucky for me, I was 3 steps away. The kitchen floor is still scarred, yet I only had one burn from the entire incident. I was ready to cry until my Mom took one look at me and said (in a rather sarcastic voice) - aww you broke your heart. I see you have destroyed all my glass baking dishes and are finally moving on to your own...

  4. Omg, I had to laugh out loud with this one. Im sorry it is a great story.

  5. lovely moulds looks wonderfully cute

  6. My worst misadventure was when I was in high and my best friend and I decided to try and make blueberry muffins while her parents were out. They were in the oven and we were in her basement scrapbooking when we heard a loud pop. We ran upstairs and found that our muffins had EXPLODED all over the oven. We never found out what we did wrong but it took over an hour to clean the oven.
    26summer at excite dot com

  7. Once a long time ago when I was just learning how to cook I was making something in the oven and added wine there. When I opened the oven, a blue flame shot out right at me, no major injuries but definitely scary.