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Friday, December 9, 2011

No food Friday - Diaper Cake

Do you ever have those years when everybody you know goes through the same experiences? Like getting married. This year a few of my friends was pregnany at same time I was. It was nice since we were able to swap war stories. There was a flurry of baby showers.  For two of my close friends, I made diaper cake.  Yes, you read me right.  A cake made of diapers.  The first one I made was for a little girl.  I was still on maternity leave.  I took my sweet time with it and I realized I made it harder for myself.  You will see with the pictures.

All you need is:
Diapers - of course
Rubber bands (don't use tape, it makes it more difficult)
Wash clothes *Optional
Receiving Blanket *Optional
Decoration tools like Ribbons, toys, and stickers
I used tape instead of rubber bands.  Rubber bands would have been much easier.

I wrapped the diapers one over another.  Well, the tape wasn't strong enough to to hold it together.  I kept on pulling apart and it equaled me yelling and swearing.

During the process of taking the picture, there was a few diapers that pulled it apart.

I did use a piece of yarn to hold it together.  Eventually I rolled each one separately and used rubber bands to hold it in place.  Since this one was for a little boy, I made little roses out of some wash clothes I purchased.

You first lay it out flat.
Fold in the sides until it is reduced in width by a 1/3.  

Than fold it in half.

Roll up the end at an angle.

To ensure the rose stays in place, tape the end of it.

A rose

Here is the final product:

I cut out little shapes out of form and glued form letters to represent the ABCs.  I used wired ribbon to add color to the cake.  The wired type helps secure the diapers to stay together.

This is the cake I made for one of my friends that is having a boy.  I used a receiving blanket for decoration and mini teddy bears.  
She was having a Noah's ark theme baby shower so I created little animals printable.  Click here to download  the PDF.   
This makes a great gift.  It is affordable and so cute.


  1. Pretties :D I don't have this kind of patience.

  2. I've made diaper cakes a couple of times for different showers, but I've never seen the little wash cloth roses before. Super cute!

  3. I love your diaper cakes! On the first diaper cake, where did you get the ribbon? I've haven't seen anything like it.

  4. Thanks for sharing these procedure and steps for making this baby shower diaper cake.

  5. The ribbon your using on your diaper cake is really cute.